Pet Delivery Scams


I reached out to a woman looking to rehome her puppy in Utah. She said that she could have the puppy sent to me. She took down my information and set it all up. I asked her if he was sure this was legit she had assured me it was because she used them before. I also looked up the companies name and saw the website looked legit. They informed me it would be $180 to send the puppy so the seller paid $80 and I paid $100 to have the puppy flown here. Once she “arrived” I received a text saying that the insurance officers were holding the puppy because my state said she needed to be insured before they could drop the puppy off to me. They expected me to pay $620! When I refused they insisted, so i said no. The seller then wrote me and told me she would pay $500 and I could pay the remainder of $120. So once that was paid they informed me she would be here first thing the next morning, and told me that I would be fully refunded the $620. Well, the next morning came and the puppy still had not arrived but I had another message from”Pet Airways” saying that now I needed to give them an additional $500 because their delivery team needed some kind of permits. That’s when I replied back to them that I’m not paying another dime and I figured out they were scamming me. I told them I knew they were scamming me and I demanded my money back. I have heard nothing back from them and I’ve even threatened them with police action and law suits! They are not replying. Same goes for the seller, I have not heard back from her either!. I demand I want a full refund of all my funds or my puppy I paid for!. Stay away

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