Premier Whisky Limited Whisky Investment Scam in Hong Kong


Investors Mr Nicholas Breton is a previous Employee of AWI (Australian Wine Index) Singapore you have been misled.

It is not difficult to question the integrity of the company simply by googling ”Australian Wine Index Scam” amidst a growing list of high profile fraud cases happening in Singapore such as Assets Wine Management(AWM), Universal Asset Group (UAG), which has left thousands of investors stranded.

Australian Wine Index executed a very clever investment scam usually comprising of THREE stages.

Stage one involves targetting the greed. This is done through enticing unwitting buyer into committing large sum of money into buying wines, promising exaggerated yield and guaranteed returns in 3 years time. Unknown to buyers, these wine were sold at way above market price.

The company will then prey on the investor’s impatience to wait 3 years for maturity by scamming them the second time. This involves tricking the buyer into buying more wines usually with claims that these wines takes less than a year to sell as compared to the earlier ones.

The tactic has successfully created thousands of small investors holding on to tiny portfolios of 1 or 2 wines with no way of exit which is naturally so, given that the wines were bought way above market.

Final phase of the ”Triple Whammy” involves fear. The fear of losing an opportunity to exit. The shanghai auction completes the hat-trick in scamming investors a third time into parting with their money for fear of not be given a chance to enter for the auction.

The Whisky Corporation — whisky investment

The Whisky Corporation Whisky Investment Scammer Harry James from scammers

Australian Wine Index (Singapore) Pte Ltd from FraudPrevention

Nicholas Breton Whisky Con Man from scammers

In 2006 I received a telephone call from a wine company regarding australian wine. An appointment was made to meet someone from australian wine index of 3 pickering street, #01-66 nankin row, china square central, singapore, 048660.

My fine wine investment brokers/portfolio managers assigned to me between 2006 and 2011 were:

Mr Giles Turner (Port Folio Manager)

Mr Derence Kum (Fine Wine Broker)

Mr Julian Poh (Portfolio Manager)

Mr Saeed Shah (Senior Manager)

Mr Nicholas Breton (Senior Fine Wine Broker)

Ms Chantelle Lam (Fine Wine Broker)… Nil Communication

Mr Edward Davidson (Investment Finewine Expoert And Cataloguer)

Between 2006 and 2011 I was placed under a high sales pressure to purchase more wine. In 2010 when I met mr edward davidson he said that there were some gaps in my fine wine portfolio. He urged me into buying another collection (2005 r wines anamorphos is shiraz 750 ml). Prior to the upcoming shanghai auction. He said he will give me the old 2008 price on this wine but will catalogue it much higher, and for whatever reasons the auctions did not happen australian wine index would return me the full purchase price of this wine. This never happened. Up to today (2015) I have received no returns. I feet angry and disappointed that I have been misled, mis-sold and misrepresented.

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