Psychic Amanda Review


Promised an “in depth” crystal reading for $180.00. The psychic reading was under 30 minutes and was vague and shallow. She professes to have psychic abilities but she does not. She requires you to “pre-pay” her. She requires you to come in her office secretly in the backdoor like she is hiding something and left me out in 98 degree weather for over 15 minutes. I was on time for my appt. She was not. I was not in her office five minutes when she hit me up for $225.00 more to do a “meditation”. As soon as I told her no, she couldn”t get me out of her office fast enough. She is simply out to get more and more money. Once she has your money, she is rude and does not provide quality services. She spoke to me like I was stupid and a “bother” to her. Her phone kept going off during the time I paid for and she answered it!. She was not even finished with my appt. and she was setting up more appts. This woman is a con artist and rips people off. Sher needs to be put out of business.

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