Qdoba Mexican Eats Reviews & Complaints


I am an avid Q Doba eater and when I say avid, I have enjoyed over 100 burritos. In 2005, I became ill and threw up several times from eating a chicken queso buritto from q doba. I called into the local store in Fox Point WI and complained about it to the manager. The manager seemed to care and seemed like she was concerned about it. She gathered my info and said she would take it to the next step. I never heard from anyone and laid off Q doba for quite a while. This year in September, I dined at Q Doba again. I threw up once again from their food. It seemed like it was due to the portion being way bigger than I was used to or perhaps the ingredients not being fresh. I called again to complain. This time I called the 800 number on their website. I talked extensively to a rep who gathered all of my info. She asked me the required questions including what I had eaten in the past 48 hours. She felt quite bad for me and offered me a free “give us another chance coupon”. I reluctantly accepted it. The coupon came several days later along with a standard template apology letter. Not even one month later, I would have another instance of illness from Q doba. This time I ordered the smaller portioned Craft 2 menu which offers 2 small entrees for 5 dollars. A lot less food than their huge burritos. I could immediately tell something was not right about this meal and barely finished half of it. I sat at my table and tried to calm my tummy down. I drove home still in stomach pain. I parked my car, walked up to my front door and couldn”t even make it in the door and threw up in the bushes. This time, I was extremely agitated. I once again called the 800 number. I told the very same lady I dealt with on the last instance my story. This time I demanded a call back from the local restaurant franchise owner. She refused. I told her, “I don”t want a free burrito, I don”t want a free t shirt, I want to talk to someone at the franchise.” She refused. I even showed her all the documentation she requested. Still nothing. I will not be returning to this restaurant ever again. I will take my business to Chipotle.

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