Racist Anita Kelly


Racist Anita Kelly of Telford, PA refuses service to blacks at Giant Food store, Doylestown, PA

Is this a ripoff? Is it a hate crime? Well in the light of the latest riots there’s a horrific side to a our culture we have to face and fix. I think it starts with people stepping up and taking are of each other, regardless of race. In Doylestown PA, there is a grocery store called Giant Food Store. It’s in a shopping center with a now bankrupt and closed K Mart. I used to shop at this particular Giant Food Store but during this pandemic, I’ve seen things there that make my stomach turn.   At a time when we should all be coming closer together some stores like this one signify a dark side to our culture which we need to fix. That is, the problem with race relations. I’ve seen other posts online recently about both of these two people that work at this Giant, so now I want to talk about my interactions with them. The woman Anita Kelly and her manager Joe Carwithen, have had some pretty disgusting dealings with locals and I have no idea how Giant keeps them employed. I was buying beer for the weekend, I had friends coming that night. There was a middle aged black man who was trying to make a purchase with this Anita Kelly, and her manager Joey or Joseph Carwithen was there and they were arguing with this man.   The things that these two people were saying to this man are just so unbelievable that I can’t even bring myself to type the words. The first part I caught was Anita saying, “Look cockroach, you smell like the back of my toilet, I’m refusing you service”. before the man could respond Joe said, “she has the right to deny you service for any reason, and i’m backing her up.” the man said, “i didn’t realize i smelled, I’ll go buy deodorant, then will you serve me?” Anita hits back verbally again, “just get a job and get out, we won’t ever serve you here. I work this counter all the time, now seriously, get the f*&^ out….NOW!”   Then she and Joseph started laughing and Anita put her head on Joe’s shoulder and they kept laughing. The man turned and was going to leave, he didn’t realize he still had his beer case in his hands. Joe Carwithen comes around the counter and said, “nope! I’ll be taking that…the door is right there, bu bye!.   Now you tell me. Is this a ripoff or a hate crime or both?   #blacklivesmatter

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