Ridgetop Bulldogs Review


I purchased a senior dog Karla used to produce puppies. She communicated clearly that the dog was house broken. I paid $1,000 for the French Bulldog. When I picked her up, she claimed the dog got car sick due to the windy roads, however the dog would be fine on car journey’s. All lies. This poor dog gets car sick all the time. The dog was not house broken. She didn’t know where to go the bathroom as I believe she was kept outside ALL the time. Only wanted to pee on pine straw….tells me this dog stayed on pine straw all it’s life. When I took the dog to the Vet, I was told the dog had chronic ear infections that were neglected. Please do not buy a dog from her. She is only concerned with making money. Her heart isn’t in the right place. I tell people that I saved my Frenchie from a puppy mill because that is what Karla Lowe is conducting – a puppy mill. .

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