Royal Holiday Aka Travel Experience Review


These are the lies that Royal Holiday told my wife and I: We were told that the Rent Sure program did not cost any money and we could easily transfer the points to pay for our annual maintenance fees. When we actually tried to do it, we were directed to a website that required us to pay more money. Why are we paying more money when Royal Holiday claimed that they will pay for the points? We were also told that points can be saved from year to year. However, after receiving the operating rules months after we purchased our membership, we discovered that this is not true. We were told that we can easily cancel our membership if we are not happy for the first year even though the contract said otherwise. The salesperson told us not to worry about the contract and said they would happily resell our membership because they will make an additional commission. However, since we have been having difficulty booking any kind of vacation, we requested a refund but Royal Holiday now denies it. We have also discovered it is illegal for them to issue a contract without allowing a 5 day “”cooling off”” period. Also, we were issued a $2,000 certificate to pay for our plane tickets but Royal Holiday never sent the money to us even though we provided all the information they needed. We couldn’t even use the additional points that were given to us when we purchased our membership. Any legitimate company would have cancelled our contract and refunded our money when they heard our complaint. We were sold the membership based on lies. This company has to be exposed. Here are two websites that will help anyone else that have been scammed by Royal Holiday.

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