Schaller Acura Review


We own a 2010 Acura MDX which we purchased new from Schaller Acura. In the last few months our vehicle started having a road/wind noise that it did not have when new – – if it had, we certainly wouldn’t have spent $50, 000 to purchase it. After several failed attempts to have the problem resolved with the dealership (where we were doing the root cause analysis as opposed to them) we contacted Acura Customer Care. You guessed it – Acura was no better and was actually rude! This is our second Acura and 7th Honda product overall and trust me, it will be our last! We will also share our story of deplorable service with all of our family, friends, acquaintences, co-workers and anyone else we can find. Bottom line, customer care and customer service are merely lip service to Acura and to the Schaller dealership. We are extremely disappointed that neither business cares about their loyal customers!

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