Scratchpay – Terrible Veterinary Financing and Poor Customer Support

In my Scratchpay review, I want to help you understand why you should avoid this financing provider. Even though they seem like an excellent option, this company has several serious issues.

What is Scratchpay?

Scratchpay is a loan provider for pet owners. It allows people to pay their vets through payment plans that can last from 5 to 24 months. Scratchpay doesnít affect the credit score of its clients and is becoming popular among vets and pet owners. Thousands of vet clinics are using this veterinary financing solution currently and this number might surely increase with time. 

Basically, Scratchpay is a short term loan that you apply for when you need to pay a big veterinary bill. If the medical expenses increase, you can apply for another Scratchpay loan and manage multiple accounts at once. The lowest amount you can borrow from this financial platform is $35 and the highest is $10,000. 

Scratchpay Loans:

They perform soft credit checks to evaluate candidates and have an internal merit-based system to hand out loans. In terms of interest, Scratchpay has 0% APR for 90-day loans. They also have a ĎTake 5í plan where you can make a 20% down payment when you sign on and then pay the rest in 4 installments of 20% every two weeks. This plan has 0% APR as well.

Apart from those two plans, Scratchpay also offers two other longer plans: 

  • 12-month loans where the interest depends on the amount and other factors
  • 24-month loans where the interest depends on the amount and other factors

Scratchpay would pay your clinic within two days of your signing on the plan. You can select manual or automatic payments through the Scratchpay app. Scratchpay charges penalties for late payments and for partial payments (less than the actual due amount). If you pay off your loan early, you donít get any penalties. 

If Scratchpay Is So Great, Whatís the Problem?

On paper, Scratchpay seems like an innovative financing solution to help pet owners. However, its owners have failed to execute it effectively. I wanted Scratchpay to be an excellent veterinary financing solution but thatís not the case. There are numerous complaints online about Scratchpay and its poor services. 

When I researched this article, I found many complaints about this financier. The people at this company donít communicate properly with the customers. And when youíre dealing with a loan, communication matters the most. Apart from that, another issue Scratchpay customers have is that those people are very cold-hearted and lack any compassion. 

I have shared several Scratchpay reviews here so you can see for yourself, how this company treats its users. 

According to numerous customer reviews, Scratchpay fails to provide quality customer services and its staff lacks compassion. For a veterinary financing provider, they have quite a terrible reputation among users.

Othersí Scratchpay Reviews

Even though Scratchpayís concept seems amazing, the company has many issues. I found multiple complaints against this company and that prompted me to write this article as well.

This company has a terrible reputation on the web. On Trustpilot, a popular review site, this company has 3.1 stars out of 5. 44% of their reviews there give them a ĎBadí rating. 

scratchpay poor rating

On BBB, another prominent complaint site, this company has an ĎFí rating. These ratings reflect a companyís reputation among its customers.†

scratchpay bad rating

So you can see how poorly this financier treats its clients. Thatís why I donít recommend doing business with Scratchpay. 

No one should make an uninformed decision when it comes to loans and debts. 

You can easily get trapped in a long cycle of debts if you are not careful. Getting money from a poor lender exposes you multiple risks. You might end up losing a lot of your money or face multiple financial problems because of the loan. 

Here are some Scratchpay reviews I found that you might find useful:

Hide Information and Unhelpful Staff

This personís dog needed emergency surgery and they found a brochure about Scratchpay at the hospital. They applied for a loan there and got approved. However, the brochure didnít mention anything about payment restrictions.

This led to a lot of problems. Because when this person tried to pay through their credit card, their payment didnít process. The representative from the company told them that they can only pay through direct bank transfers or debit cards. Everyone from the company told them the same thing. 

The provision of restricted payment methods was in fine print on the email this person received after they got the loan. According to the complaint. Scratchpay doesnít give any information about payment methods or restrictions prior to loan approval. 

In my opinion, this is quite a shady behavior for any lender. 


This person complained that this company doesnít approve loans for people with no or poor credit. According to them, this lender isnít the right choice for you if youíre a common man. This can be a huge problem for people as well. The pandemic has affected everyone quite terribly.

If you have a bad credit rating because of things that werenít in your hand, Scratchpay wouldnít help you at all. This companyís cold-hearted approach towards pet emergencies is huge reason for peopleís complaints.

Do Not Use This Site!

The pandemic has affected everyone and this reviewer shares the same pain we all experienced this year. However, things worsened for them when their pet got ill and needed quick medical attention. 

According to this review, they got approval for a $200 loan from Scratchpay but sometime later, they received a notification that their loan wasnít approved. As a consequence, they had to re-apply. 

As the pet was quite ill, they were more concerned for its health. They got approval for their new loan of $250 for which they paid $50 in advance. However, this person had no idea how terrible their experience could be. The vet told them that their clinic doesnít accept Scratchpay. 

So this person had to use another payment method. However, regarding their $250 loan, they are requesting a refund of their $50 advance payment. This reviewer has warned others about the risk of dealing with this financier. 

Extortion and Breach of Contract

According to this reviewer, they got a loan for $250 from this company. They say that their first payment went smoothly, but they had to change their card before the second payment. This led to multiple issues.

The company received several payments from them that exceeded the total due substantially. According to the complaint, the person paid $20 more than the due amount and an additional $170 in unauthorized transactions. Thatís why you should choose lenders very carefully. Choosing the wrong lender can cause you to lose a lot of money. 

Account Sent to Collections!

This reviewer complained about the cold-hearted way Scratchpay handled their complaint. They had requested Scratchpay to allow them to skip one payment because of the pandemic. At first the representative said itís not possible so this person had to remind the rep about one of their policies. 

Scratchpay has a policy regarding financial hardship where the borrower can skip a month. However, the people at this company donít seem to care about their policies. The reviewer says that they have been receiving multiple phone calls, emails, and text messages reminding of their due payment. Then the company started saying that their account will go into collections if they donít pay within three days. 

Itís apparent that Scratchpay staff doesnít care about its own policies. They are too focused on recovering their payments even if it leads to client harassment. 

Reading these Scratchpay reviews was depressing. I worry that the number of such customers is quite high. Thatís because not everyone likes to share their experience with strangers online. 

Scratchpay has caused many people to lose money. It has a very cold-hearted staff and it doesnít care about its clients. Moreover, there can be many more disgruntled customers of this company.

Scratchpay Review: Conclusion

Even though Scratchpay seems like an excellent veterinary financing solution, I wouldnít recommend using their services. These people have too many customer complaints online. The support staff of this company had not responded to any of these reviews too. 

So you can understand how terribly they treat their clients. I know it can be difficult to think clearly during an emergency. But precautions are better than cures. You wouldnít want to extend your problems by dealing with a poor lended like Scratchpay. 

If you know any pet owners, please share this article with them. They should know about these Scratchpay reviews. 

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