Skin Essentials, Inc. Review


These anti aging creams were marketed as free trials where you only paid the postage. Although you had to agree to terms and conditions there was no indication seen that there would be further charges applied. The postage charges duly appeared on the credit card statement, after the products had been received. However an email was received about a month later from both companies indicating that charges of£79.95 and £75.95 respectively were to be applied. I reported this to the credit card company straight away and filed a wrongful credit card charge claim as the telephone numbers supplied by the company were non existant and I have therefore been unable to contact them to stop these charges, or cancel or return products I don’t want if there are to be such prices attatched to them. A month later these same charges have been applied again, and again I am in the same position- I can’t contact the company to cancel these products, nor can I effectively stop these charges appearing on my credit card statement. I am now finding online reviews that indicate that companies such as these are just putting you onto a rolling monthly delivery of cream- I haven’t received any further yet- and charging you for it when you have neither been informed that this is to be done , or agreed to it. This has turned out to be a total rip off and I don’t seem to be able to stop it happening. Samantha, Alfreton Derbyshire United Kingdom .

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