SupportBuddy Review


SupportBuddy is a scammer company, don’t deal with them because it is absolutely impossible to get rid off them and they will not leave you alone. I used their service in the past and one day I decided to cancel my account. I contacted them and said that I was no longer interested in SupportBuddy. They said ok and promised not to bother me. Few months ago I received a call from them and they offered me their service and I told them that I was not interested and nothing changed and they said ok. But later they charged me!! I had no idea they still had my card details! I called them and demanded a full refund and these scammers claimed that I allowed them to charge me and that I told them that I wanted to renew my account. Are you kidding me? I never told that! These scam artists stole my money and I give them last chance or else I’m calling my lawyer!

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