The Neat Company Review


Recurrent fraudulant charges! Never ordered this product! I never used a credit card and I do not know how they got this??? I noticed charges from the Neat Company on my credit card statements in 2012. I have tried to contact them several times to dispute these charges. I contacted my bank to cancel and they informed me that I needed a cancelation from the company. Again, I attempted to cancel the Neat Service that I never ordered and that I have never used. I also never recieved any products from them…no scanner or anything. I finally got a customer number from someone at customer service to cancel the service. I recieved an email from them acknowledging my email. I thought I was done with this. Now I see that they are continuing to charge me! I have forwarded the emails to my bank to show the intent to cancel and their response. I am still waiting for a response. Again, I am sending emails because that is the only way to contact them. The site does not give instructions to cancel services. I am very angry that a company can get away with this for so long!!! I am being taken advantage of. My next recourse will be to close all my bank accounts and start fresh with a different bank. Which is what I intend to do if this cannot be resolved any other way. .

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