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After calling them for more information and receiving numerous invitation via e:mail, I went to thei office in Westlake, ca. After completing the applications and interview the girls in the office started bragging about their success rates and how their system can easily dismiss my ticket and my bail money will be retuurned to me and not point will appear on my records, sounds great yes, after a month or so I get letter from the court that Iwas found guilty. When I called about the portion of the payment they are supposed to return to me their answere was: “you have to request another hearing and attend the court yourself inorder to get get refunded that portion” that means I have to swaist another day in court just to get $100.00 back.My advise is fight your case in court yourself you might get in break in bail amount or just pay fine and finish up with it. Do not go to these people all you get is alot of promises and NO result and waisted money and time. .

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