Whitney Bricker was the reason I got a divorce from my husband


Iíve been married to my husband for 23 years now. Whitney Bricker started working for him in October 2015. She was dating someone then and lived with them. One time, when my husband and I went to visit his mom (who was unwell) in November. After we came back, I noticed that he was being distant. He was getting a lot of random calls and texts on his phone. I asked him about it and he just brushed it off saying he was stressed out about his mom, who was dying.
I talked to his business partner and asked if there was something going on with him and Bricker, his secretary. He was going away for long hotel stays and kept buying clothes for little girls. Our five daughters are grownups. His friend said that Bricker had two little girls.
I finally had proof when they were together at a bowling alley in February. This was after I noticed that my husband didnít bring home all the money in January. Now I know my husband wasnít innocent here, but that slut was the one who kept him. Even though she knew he was married, she pursued him. Even though we both had kids. And even though she had a boyfriend. I got a divorce, and he has to pay child support and alimony. Karma screwed these people over and I canít imagine a pair more suited for each other. Neither of them has any respect for normal loving relationships and they deserve each other.

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