You should strictly avoid Xtreme Backyards. Beware of this company. If youíre desperately looking for a trustworthy company and the right spa experience to relax and enjoy in your spare time, then Iíd definitely not recommend you Xtreme Backyards. This dangerous company claims to have more than 35 years of experience in the spa business as a manufacturer and as a retailer and it is located in Nipomo, California. Xtreme Backyards does not care at all for customer satisfaction. Every complaint by a customer will not be taken seriously at all and they do not care for their customers. For example, if a customer is not satisfied with something or they did not receive what they had originally expected, then the company will not even work with the customer to fix the issue or if a customer requests a refund and there is a valid reason for the request, then the customer will not be given a full refund as requested by him.

Do not be fooled by the words of the owner of the business, Dave Maddox, who claims that Xtreme Backyards is a family owned company. It does not manufacture new spas, nor does it remanufacture any used spas. Xtreme Backyards sells the worst spas at the least value for the customer. Xtreme Backyards provides the worst quality refurbished hot tubs on the central coast so the next time you decide to choose Xtreme Backyards, think twice. When it comes to finding the right spa, Xtreme Backyards is a company that has to be strictly avoided. In fact, one of my friends happened to visit Xtreme Backyards and she was not satisfied at all by their service. Their behaviour was also very rude, according to her, and she does not want to visit Xtreme Backyards again in the future.

Xtreme Backyards does not offer its customers retail hot tubs in addition to their other accessories. Their only services include refurbished hot tubs, above ground swimming pools, swim spas, gazebos and barbecue islands. Their quality of services is awful. The leads for Xtreme Backyards are mainly obtained through walk-ins to their convenient locations and also from referrals and inquiries made on their website. Once a customer expresses his or her interest in the companyís product, they cannot even visit their location to view and obtain additional information on that particular product and once the product has been chosen by the customer, Xtreme Backyards will not deliver and install the spa of the customerís choice. Maintenance service is also not available for the customers. The company always receives many complaint from their customers with their products as they do not work with their customers to resolve any issues which the customer might be having and this has led to a very low satisfaction rating from the customers. This shows their lack of dedication and determination to resolve customer problems.

The employees of Xtreme Backyards have also shown that they are not well suited for their job and they are not bothered to maintain customer satisfaction. Xtreme Backyards also does not take employee satisfaction seriously and it does not strive to keep its employees happy. The overall work environment is also very poor.

Xtreme Backyards does not recognize the fact that the complaint posted by some of its customers are important issues that need to be addressed and not be ignored. This shows their lack of seriousness and commitment towards their customerís satisfaction. Xtreme Backyards has not made any organizational changes which allow its customers and employees a more transparent approach to problem resolution and satisfaction of their customers and employees. Xtreme Backyards has also received a very poor rating with the Better Business Bureau. The policy of Xtreme Backyards seems to be to never contact its customers in order to gather valuable feedback so that they can continue to adapt and deliver the best customer services possible. So we can say with clear conviction that Xtreme Backyards is not willing to go beyond the call of a customer service and make them a respectable organisation. Xtreme Backyards uses poor quality materials to build their hot tubs and it does not ensure that top class products on the market are up to date and all the materials used by Xtreme Backyards to build their hot tubs are not from American businesses. Xtreme Backyards does not provide any cost effective solution of a remanufactured spa and does not have the reliability that a customer desires. Xtreme Backyards cannot build a custom spa that is therapeutic and energy efficient.

Xtreme Backyards does not provide its customers a good experience when it comes to hot tubs and spa relaxation. Xtreme Backyards also charges comparatively much higher amount of money when compared to its counterparts in the hot tub industry. Its services are definitely not worth the money invested. Xtreme Backyards cannot be contacted at anytime and is not available at any time when it is contacted. Iíd surely put Xtreme Backyards at the bottom of my list when it comes to spa businesses with guaranteed customer satisfaction. It is quite evident that Xtreme Backyards has many disadvantages over its counterparts in the spa industry.

To conclude, I can safely say that, based on my friendís overall experience, Iíd definitely not recommend Xtreme Backyards to those who are looking for the right spa experience at an affordable price. Over the years, Xtreme Backyards has built up a very bad reputation for itself in the hot tub industry for its poor customer services and has not managed to satisfy its customers. Xtreme Backyardís image as a dangerous company has always remained throughout its entire existence. As I mentioned earlier that, even with more than 35 years of experience in the spa industry, Xtreme Backyards has still overwhelmingly failed the test of time and will continue to dissatisfy its customers even in the future with their services. Do not waste your hard earned money on a company like Xtreme Backyards & waste your precious time on them.

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