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Hey you. The coward that posted without even disclosing who you are. Unlike you, I have posted my information. I am Robert Morgalo and the President of Xtreme Top Box, Inc. You or anyone else can call me directly if they have any questions about the out right lies you are posting. Here is my number 786-587-6878. Again, I am the President of Xtreme Top Box, Inc. and EVERYONE was paid according to the rules of October 12&13, 2014 Xtreme Top Box Throwdown . $45,000 in cash winning were paid as follows: $21,000 1st Place to Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach; $15,000 2nd place to Cast Iron Crossfit; $9,000 3rd Place to South Florida Crossfit. It is particularly notable that the first place winners are defending their title this year as are our 2nd and 3rd place winners doing the same. In other words the people you claim were not paid "for over a year" have no problem with the way they were paid and are competing again. In fact they were paid in accordance to the rules, policies and procedures of the event. Also, you claim that we did not pay for "over a year" I find this quite confusing, since the event ended on October 13, 2013. It has not been a year since the event in question (only 9 months as of today). Furthermore payments for the winning teams were sent out as early as February 2014 (4 month after the competition) "Beware of this guys" you say. For what exactly? For ensuring that all of the Company obligations were met and that the athletes were paid? I have made sure that everyone and I mean everyone was paid. Any talk such as what you are spreading here is just a hateful and unfounded attack on the character and presitiege of the Company and it’s principles and not rooted in facts. You state that the investors pulled out. What investors? The event was funded by Robert Morgalo, President of the Company. There were no investors to pull out.. Again, my number is published for ANYONE to contact me directly should they have any questions. I am the President of the company and stand by the fact the Xtreme Top Box, Inc has acted at all times within the rules and terms of last year’s event and its authority and discretion. I am looking forward to your call. And if you can be so kind as to publish your identity, My attorney will be very grateful.

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